Telegram cryptocurrency prices bot for South African users

I am a Telegram bot that provides current cryptocurrency prices collated from global markets tracked by Hasher, as well as the latest cryptocurrency news.

This is a free service.

My Telegram user id is @CryptoHasher_bot

Ask me about current crypto currency prices (/price) to get the bitcoin price, or many other crypto's for instance: /price eth for etherium (eth).

Telegram is a free instant messaging platform similar to Whatsapp or Skype. This bot makes it easy to get the current price for more than a thousand cryptocurrencies (see below), on demand and in seconds.

How to use me

1. Install Telegram on your smart phone and/or on your computer. It is free, secure and available here...

2. Add me to your Telegram contacts

3. Ask me about a crypto: Send /price _name_of_coin to get a price. Example: /price btc.
(Prices are quoted in USD - United States Dollar, ZAR - South African Rand and BTC - Bitcoin).

4. Ask me about the latest cryptocurrency news: Send /news

5. For a list of all the commands I understand, send me the /help command in Telegram